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The Smart Home for most consumers has not achieved its full potential. Lack of interoperability among devices has depressed its potential. 

For example, a consumer cannot say “Hey Alexa, play Stranger Things on Netflix on my Apple TV.” In the recent past, device manufacturers have also needed to make their products compatible with several different ecosystems, adding cost and complexity for everyone.

To address this, the industry created “Matter”, a protocol to address interoperability. In theory, this allows any device to connect to any other, significantly reducing the barrier for entry and thereby increasing the potential size of the Smart Home market.

Matter Security Vulnerability

Matter is designed to work best over a local area network (LAN). However, it inherits a key vulnerability from its predecessor: cloud-based service providers can access data and metadata on all Matter devices on your LAN when you remotely access your home. This could expose users to app tracking and ad pushing. Additionally, the reliance on app-specific Matter Controllers fragments the ecosystem further.

Privacy concerns are growing more paramount in consumer minds. Therefore, secure data transmission is required to eliminate cloud-based service provider access as information passes through their servers. Without addressing this security vulnerability, the Smart Home market may never reach its full potential.

The challenge is how to protect privacy and security while maintaining interoperability.

Primes Lab’s technology - Virtual Teleporter

Primes Lab's Virtual Teleporter™, a pioneering technology protected by over 20 US and international patents, empowers endpoint devices to remotely connect to private LANs at home and seamlessly integrate into those networks. Utilizing LAN-mode apps, it bypasses intermediary cloud servers and usage registration, safeguarding user metadata, data, and actions from external tracking.

Once connected to a private LAN, virtually teleported endpoint devices function flawlessly like any other Matter-enabled device on that network. Intermediary cloud servers are unable to associate user metadata with data content or derivative actions. This enables the realization of Universal Matter Controller and Tracking-free Chat without compromising interoperability, privacy, or security.


Private Matter Gateway (Fig 1)

Primes Lab’s Solution

To implement virtual teleportation technology, Primes Lab’s solution involves both a Private Matter Gateway (PMG) installed on the user’s private LAN at home and a corresponding Virtual Machine Server (VMS) setup in the cloud. The combination of the PMG and the VMS provides a remote endpoint device with a tracking-free connection to the private LAN at home, allowing for full access to all digital assets on that private network.

Additional Benefits

A fundamental breakthrough in computer networking, Primes Lab’s Virtual Teleporter technology provides many benefits to consumers and businesses alike. In addition to privacy and security mentioned above, it also offers —



The peer-to-peer nature of the Virtual Teleporter architecture allows devices as simple as a light bulb and as advanced as a computer or a smart car to coexist and cooperate without external intervention.



The value of many digital assets depends on their uniqueness and non-fungibility. Virtual Teleporter enables individuals and organizations to achieve complete autonomy and maximize the economics of their creativity. 



Unlike Matter, Virtual Teleporter addresses the interoperability issue at the fundamental IP protocol level. Equipped with this technology, devices made by different manufacturers or loaded with different software programs can freely communicate with each other. Full compatibility is achieved, and future proof is guaranteed. 

Smart Home Applications

Along with its great benefits, the Virtual Teleporter technology enables a multitude of new applications in the smart home and other markets. To list a few —

Secure Access

Secure access

Ensures that no outsiders can hack into vulnerable Smart Home devices like a network attached storage (NAS) device or a home security camera while still granting owner access.

Secure Access

Remote control

Interact with devices or access a home PC while away from home without going through cloud providers (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.) servers.

Secure Access

Private communication

Enables digital communications (such as text chat, voice, and video calls) to be strictly confined within the LAN. No person or device outside the LAN can eavesdrop or access the content of the communication. 

Secure Access

Digital bartering

Any two parties can directly trade their non-fungible tokens (NFT) and other digital assets, eliminating the need for any third-party exchanges. 

Other Applications

Primes Lab’s solutions can be implemented in many sectors, such as automotive, industrial, medical, fintech, etc.









Ben Chen


Primes Lab is headquartered in Silicon Valley and was founded by Mr. Ben Chen. Mr. Chen served over 17 years at Kingston Technology, where he was its Chief Technology Officer until January 2022. Mr. Chen holds 40+ US and 50+ international patents in system, networking, memory, storage, and software. The core technology is based on decades of industry experience and world-class research. It has been Mr. Chen’s lifetime passion to empower people through technological innovation.

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